Gary Richard...a New York area musician/singer songwriter over the years has honed his songwriting craft in the styles of American roots music that includes country blues,rock n roll, R&B and an occasional pop ballad. His compositions of true to heart, American influenced roots music are lyrically honest & straight forward.  They evoke a gamut of emotions & reflect delicious to downtrodden slice-of-life stories.

With his trademark "bare to the bones" style of writing,  Gary creates gripping songs depicting the heartfelt aspects of everyday life.  He set the bar on his first album release with his rock band TORN POCKETS "Trouble Again" (Rocker Arm Records) , raised it with his solo debut "The High Road" (Tone Star Records), & topped it with his last recording "Sharing The Sugar" (Tone Star Records)  released March 2014. His most recent album titled "Invisible Chains", a rock driven collection was released February 17, 2016.

 NEW ALBUM MARCH 2020 ! - "TASTES LIKE TROUBLE" - by Gary Richard and The Other Brothers (Bruce Bruno/guitar/keyboards/backing vocal - James Leone /drums/percussion - Bill Turley/bass) includes seven new original compositions of Gary's.  And for the first time ever, two cover songs will appear on the album...enjoy !

 [Gary also is a founding member with his brother Bruce of the "BRUNO BROS." band ( a Rock 'n' Roll cover band") with Joe Mancino/bass & James Leone/drums]


"Invisible Chains" credits: accompanied by:  Bruce Bruno(guitar/keyboard/backing vocals), Dee Harris(bass/drums/sax/ e. sitar/guitar/backing vocal)

Produced by THE OTHER BROTHERS         

Mixed/Mastered by JOHNNY GEIB at 10 x 10 Studios


"SHARING THE SUGAR" credits: accompanied by:  Bruce Bruno(guitar/backing vocals)Harry Pelligrin(bass/guitar/backing vocals)Nate Lang(drums/percussion) With special guests: Paul Prestopino(slide guitar/banjo/harmonica) on "Dirty Work", Dina Fanai(vocals) on "Love for Free", Rachel Meyer(backing vocals) on "Met My Maker", John D'Esposito(keyboards)

Produced by:  Fritz Lang/Gary Richard/Bruce Bruno.


"THE HIGH ROAD" credits:  accompanied by: Steve DeTone/guitar, Russ Sisto/Bass, Joe Rende/drums: 

Produced by: Fritz Lang with Gary Richard & Steve DeTone

Special performance appearances by:
PAUL PRESTOPINO on "Get Me Out Of This Mess" (mandolin), "Plastic Money Man" (banjo,dobro): Throughout his illustrious career Paul has performed and recorded with numerous great musical artists such as Pete Seeger, Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter Paul and Mary, John Denver, Louden Wainwright III and many others.
BOB KINKEL on "Christine" (keyboard/string arrangement): Bob is an American professional session keyboardist and music engineer most known for his role as a co-creator/co-producer/co-composer and touring keyboardist with Trans-Siberian Orchestra along with extensive studio work with the progressive metal band Savatage.


 "TROUBLE AGAIN" credits:  Torn Pockets: Gary (Richard) Bruno/vocal,guitar, Steve DeTone/guitar, Craig Nisita/Bass.  All songs written by Gary (Richard) Bruno

Additional musicians: Bill Tello/drums, Kenny Holly/backing vocal, guitar, Paul Nirenberg/french horn, Bob Kinkel/piano, Kevin Kapler/Concert Manager, Bruce Kapler/tenor sax & arrangement, Eddie Manion/tenor sax, Alan J. Cheenovitz/trumpet, Richard Brooks/bari sax

Produced by:  Fritz Lang & Torn Pockets,  Recorded -Pipeline Studio, Mixed-John Agnello/Sebella Studio, Mastered-James Shelton/Europedisk