Reviews of Gary Richards debut album "THE HIGH ROAD"


good Americana
A little Ryan Adams, Petty and Stones with simple straight forward songs and solid playing makes this an enjoyable indy. I like 9 of the songs a lot. That's more satisfaction then I get from many CDs with "bigger" names.

    H. Gold

Well performed, well produced, well conceived.
A really solid outing. Where the songwriting evokes what was for me and my generation poplike 'roots' R&B, the instrumentation and production is charmingly faithful.Growing up with everything from the Beatles and the Zombies to The Stones, James Brown and, down the road, Al Green (Willie Mitchell) and even Fairport Convention, it's good to hear music that, while certainly working a room, moves around it, offering a pretty wide range of influences within the genre. While not all the songs are my 'cup of tea' it's not Gary's fault. I personally was also heavily influenced by Capt. Beefheart,The Soft Machine, and The Velvet Underground, after all. The tunes he does, however, are all well crafted, some, for me, really compelling. Combined with the disc's excellent sound, particularly in these days of home brewed records, many lacking "phonically", it's worth listening to. Good record.